Install Cubase SX3 on Windows 7 x64

Let’s install Cubase SX3 on Windows 7 x64 in 10-steps. This process is based on my DAW configuration which had Cubase 6.5 already installed with the latest eLicenser drivers. I didn’t try different processes (which maybe exist) because I didn’t have time neither wish to experiment, but it worked to me and I think it works for anyone else as well. So, here you go:

  1. Remove Steinberg USB protection key and Uninstall eLicenser from Windows’ control panel.

  2. Install Cubase SX3 (downloading the installation file

  3. After Setup is completed, restart your PC.

  4. Plug in the USB protection key (drivers will be installed, wait till the process is completed).

  5. Restart your PC.

  6. Download the latest eLicenser driver from and install it.

  7. Move the VST plugin folder content as in “Program Files (x86) > Vstplugins” in a temporary different location, a different folder on your hard-drive or USB stick. The Vstplugins folder must be empty.

  8. Run Cubase SX3 (if it says that cannot load plugins xxx, yyy, zzz, etc. just keep clicking OK and go on till SX3 runs).

  9. In Cubase SX3 click “Devices > Plug-in Information”: (step 1) on VST Plug-ins tab > Shared VST Plug-ins Folders > Remove any folder listed so that just “No Common VST folder” is listed there; (step 2) click Add and select the “Cubase SX 3 > Vstplugins” folder.

  10. Close and restart Cubase SX 3. You’re done!

Hope it helps. All the best.

Hey, THX.

I will give it a try


n.b. Windows 10 - I had to install SX3.1 in safe mode - no other issues

Hi Dragon.

Whilst I have a fully licensed version of SX3 on CD, is the download file ‘’ also a full version? Reason being is I am hoping to run SX3 on a modern laptop using Oracle Virtualbox with Windows XP Mode and wondering whether I can use the zip file as an ISO? thanks for considering…

Regards, Deane

I ran it from the downloaded version…