Install Destination Drive

Is there some way to change the Install to be a different drive than C? My boot drive can’t fit this installation on it. Thanks.

I did just that about a month ago so it is definitly possible. If I remember correctly Cubase shows you what location it will be installed to but does not give an easy way to install to a different location. What I believe I did was to create the same folder/path that CB was going to install to on the C drive onto a different drive. In my case my 2nd drive is F. So I created the folder/path on F then when installing CB I had to type in that path. BTW… even after doing this some things still were installed to the C drive. I never looked further to reinstall those portions so I’m not sure if you can but installing the main portion of CB on F did save quite a bit from installing to C.

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If your boot drive is that full… time to either clean out a bunch of stuff or get a larger hard drive.

Your system will thank you! :mrgreen:

I couldn’t find anywhere during the installation setup of CB that allowed me to alter the path of the installation in any way.

I disagree. It’s a 64 gb SSD that’s sole purpose is for quickly booting the system. I have a 1 TB HDD that I store all of my files on, and this is the first program in a very long time that I’ve encountered that doesn’t seem to make it easy to change the destination of the installation.

I use an SSD as boot drive as well. However, Cubase and other programs really benefit from fast startup too! Why not clone the 64 GB drive onto a, let’s say, 250 GB SSD and let the rest of your applications use it as well? Cost difference should be small and you can reuse the old drive for samples!


Exactly, hard drives (SSD or otherwise) need to have available space to run programs.

Like I said CB would not let me “browse” to a different installation location like all other windows programs do. I had to type the location in after I after I created the folders. I don’t remember exactly how I did it but the attached pic shows my CB shortcut pointing to my “F” drive.

I can’t upload the .png screenshot (maybe too large?). Oh well. :frowning:

This is what is listed in my CB shortcut properties:
Target: “F:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5\Cubase8.5.exe”
Start In: “F:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5”

A Steinberg folder was also installed on my "C drive. It contains the folders “ASIO” & “VSTPlugins”. These are very small (spacewise).

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64GB for your system disk? Ouch, that’s like trying to fit into jeans I bought in my 20s. :astonished:

When my latest DAW got built it was my 1st with an SSD at 120GB. After a year and some change I got really tired of constantly having to fitz around to free up space on my C: drive. So I upgraded it to 240GB - the cost was reasonable and the quality of life improvement was huge. Unless you actually enjoy always monitoring disk capacity, deleting & moving files, adjusting installation paths and generally spending time on computer maintenance rather than making music do yourself a favor and get a bigger SSD. And the old SSD is a great place to store your most used sample libraries, really speeds up their load time.

I appreciate the feedback on my system. 64 gb is more than sufficient for a boot disk when this is your every day computer. I don’t have a dedicated computer for a DAW. I plan to get a bigger SSD but it’s not in the budget right now.

So it seems you let it install on C then you moved all the large files to F? Or at least that’s how I understand. Either way, I can’t do that. But thanks for replying.