Install Dorico 5 without content


I’d like to install Dorico on an older laptop with a small SSD of 256 GByte. I’d use it on the road to collect ideas. I do not need playback. Now, Dorico pro comes with > 20 GByte content which I do not want to install on this particular machine. However, when not installing the content, Dorcio complains about an incomplete installation and quits working.

My idea was then to install Dorico SE - this is enough for the purpose and has only 3 GByte of content. Now, the Authentication Manager finds the pro license, activates this one and Dorico (which I’d like to be the SE) runs as pro and complains about the incomplete installation. Deactivating the pro license manually and then activating the SE license does not help. The Authentication Manager reverses this action.

How can I install Dorico without stuffing my computer with content I don’t need?

Heinz …

When the alert window pops up about the incomplete installation, is there not the checkbox Don’t show again ? If you tick that, the alert should not come any more in future runs of Dorico.

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Thanks Ulf! I was going to answer as well…
Btw I have a machine without any VST installed that uses the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth…! Just in case you want to hear something! If you are on Mac there is even the Dorico Beep…

Danke, Ulf,

I finally succeded. The following happened: The first time I launched Dorico und did tick the checkbox, Dorico just crashed. After that, second time I launched, I had to tick again, and the hub appeared but with errors. The third time, again with the need to tick, Dorico started correctly. Forth time: Correct launch without need to tick again.

OK, I accept that it may need a couple of trials for Dorico to identify all that is missing. So right now I am happy.

Heinz …

You probably should change the Preferences>Play>Playback Template to Silence, so Dorico won’t go looking for sound content that is not installed.

That with the Silence template is indeed a good idea. But nevertheless, that does not switch off the check for contents and components.

In this particular case, I might also work on existing projects with a reference to a playback template. There is a warning that you can klick away. Please correct me when I’m wrong but I believe that a Dorico project is not referring to content directly but via playback templates and end point definitions. I am normally working with custom playback templates. I have therefore created a playback template with the same name but which is essentally “Silence”

Well, Dorico might save the info which playback template it is based on, but that’s about it. Dorico does not apply the template on each loading of a project.
Having your own ‘Silence’ template is of course also a good idea. By that you avoid Dorico’s audio engine loading unnecessary VSTinstruments and contents, which makes the start up faster and uses less system resources.