Install from already downloaded installation files from SDA


I have downloaded (over 40GB) and install Cubase 12 using Steinberg Download Assistant on my iMac. The files were in ‘Steinberg/OSX’ folder.

I tranfsered the content of the folder to my MacBook Pro under Downloads/Seinberg/OSX and ran Steinberg Download Assistant. They all show install ( I assumed they were all downloaded and SDA asking permission to install them. However, when I click on install. I starts to download them all!!

I assume this is a bug! It shouldn’t download the files when the (installtation) files are there and I click on install!! For instance:
DMS asks for download:

However, the files are already there!

It’s not a manager, it’s an assistant.

Just launch the files themselves by selecting and launching, and use the SDA for downloading.


Files downloaded all ends with either “vstsound.sda-download” or “dmg.sda-download”. When I remove “.sda-download” from the extention, the .dmg files are not excutable!! and SDA wants to download them from 0%.

That sounds like you are not waiting until they are finished downloading.

The ‘sda-download’ extension is the Assistants way of keeping track of a download. See that button that lets you PAUSE and RESUME it? You just deleted the Assistant’s ‘bookmark’ it uses to keep track of how much it’s downloaded. Of course it’s going to start over every single time you do that. It removes the extension itself when the file is done and can be used as it should.

The files were used in my iMac and installed completely. The file sizes were the same before and after.

Anyhow, this is NOT a good behavior “starting over downlaoding files” when you have all or most of the file downloaded.

Thank you guys! I installed then all from scratch.