Install old version on new machine?

I am trying to get Prologue back, since it is no longer part of Cubase Elements, in version 12 despite the info shown here:

Can anyone explain that?

So I downloaded Cubase Elements 11 and found my Activation Code/Download Access Code in an old email, entered it into Download Assistant and redeemed in the products page:


Only to get this:


Does anyone even know what that nonsense error even means?

As a side note, what kind of crappy software developer is unable to create a UI that doesn’t cut off the buttons? And can anyone explain how the latest eLicenser Control Center throws the error that it is too old?

On my old machine I was able to use Prologue from my previous install, but its not on my new machine.

And before it’s mentioned, yes I have read Mystic, Prologue and Specter not in Cubase 12 - #3 by David_W let’s stop pretending that is the solution already. It’s not.

Who knew that choosing Cubase for a DAW wouldn’t be so much about producing music but becoming an accidental computer scientist who slowly goes mad in a futile attempt to get this software to be useful?

I sure didn’t.

Has anyone managed to fix this? Thanks.


You don’t have to activate your old Cubase. The Activation Code has been used already anyway.

With the Cubase 13 Pro license, you can start Cubase Pro 12, but also Cubase Elements 13 or Cubase Elements 12. If you updated your Cubase 12 (or Cubase 13) from Cubase 11 (or older), with the old eLCC, you can also start Cubase Pro 11, Cubase Elements 11, etc.

So the point is, don’t activate any other license. Just install the older application. The plug-in will be installed with it. And you can use it.

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