"Install Steinberg Forums" in Chrome - What does this mean?

Anyone know what this little icon does? I dare not click it lol
…Presuming other people are seeing this and it’s not Malware, of course. I can’t remember seeing it before today(?).

what the heck is that? Right click and Manage Extensions…

Oh so you don’t see it? That is odd, if so.

It doesn’t show in my extensions as i haven’t installed it, it does show on my menu though, which is weird:-

Whatever it is, seems desperate for my attention lol.

gotta be connected to one

I have that as well

On the Bome forum wich uses the same platform I DON’T get it.

I guess Discourse is available as a chrome web app.

Click on it, i dare ya!! :slight_smile:
…If we never hear from you again, i’ll leave it alone.

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The bome forum is discourse as well and doesn’t want me to install something.

The forum doesn’t want you to do anything.

The suspense was killing me, so i just clicked it!

The result? well....

Not really, i ain’t installing anything until i get dongle-less Cubase! :slight_smile:
Oh, and the new MIDI API, of course.

Hold on. Did the fire start in a bedroom? If so it’s a faulty plug. Fire’s supposed to start in the kitchen. But watch out - if someone’s side-chained to the radiator that will cause the whole block to be blacklisted.

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