Installation directory drive

Cubase newbie here. I am surprised that there appears to be no choice as to which drive Cubase gets installed to. The location is the C: drive. While this makes sense, I am sure many people have limited capacity SSD’s and there is not always a large amount of space available to install a big product like Cubase. On this forum over time there seem to be a lot of topics skirting around this matter, but I cannot see any explanation as to why Cubase insists on going on C:. Hence, some questions:

a) Is it actually possible to install Cubase 11 on a different drive?
b) What is the technical reason for the restriction if not (and I have not been able to see this answered here)?
c) As to content, that all goes to C: drive as well, and while the Library Manager apparently allows you to move location, do you have to do this for every individual item manually one at a time?
d) Dorico happily installs on a drive of your choice. Why is Cubase from the same company different?

I have a suspicion that since Cubase has grown a complex ecosystem over a long time with all sorts of additional content and VSTs and so on, that the only way for the program to find everything is to have it all in fixed locations. Could this be the root of the issue? Perhaps Cubase don’t want to have a complex dialog with a couple of dozen location options for components?

All insights into this would be appreciated?

Cubase 11 can be installed on a different drive. On my computer, I installed it on the H drive. The installer will ask where to install Cubase and you can enter whatever you want.

That is very good, but the Download Assistant offered me no choice whatsoever, and the same for the manually downloaded installer. What am I missing? I tried both three of four times, after uninstalling carefully also. So that is strange.

I used Cubase 11.0.20_installer Win.exe (Windows 10). I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.

@Anna_Raszka That is marvellous and I am pleased to see there is no longer any restriction to the C: drive. As to why I am offered no such choice, that remains a mystery!

Well now, never one to give up, I redownloaded the standalone installer mentioned above, and after removing the C: drive installation, today it happily prompted for a location, and installed nicely on my K: drive.

As to what I was doing wrong, I will put it down to ever increasing stupidity on my part. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help @Anna_Raszka - it inspired me to try again.

I want to download just the .exe or .msi file so I can also choose install location, but the new download assistant does not seem to allow this. Is there any other sources for downloading these files?