Installation Drives

hi everyone, the new machine is 128 SSD C:drive and 1TB Sata D:drive

i didnt realise this until checking the storage, i thought the SSD was for Win boot only, so everything has been installing on C: which as you will know is almost full due to it’s size, so before i uninstall CB is it ok to install CB on
D: drive? and run it from there?
thank you :slight_smile:


Unfortunately installing of Cubase to any other then C drive is not supported. This could cause errors during the updates (the original Cubase version is not found).

thx Martin, not to bothered with the updates, do you think it would run on the D:drive


You could also leave Cubase program on the C drive and move some of it’s content to the D.
You’re not getting much benefit from an SSD with just Windows on it…other than faster booting, nothing!

My system originally had a smaller SSD like yours for the system disk & a larger one for sample libraries. A couple of months ago I got sick of always having to clean up my system disk. So I swapped it out for one twice the size - really great decision. It cost less than $100 and I re-purposed the small SSD as a 2nd drive for samples.

excuse my ignorance, but i’m missing what you are trying to tell me

Rather than trying to relocate items currently on your system disk to another drive (and probably needing to move other stuff in the future) you might find it easier to upgrade the size of your system disk so it’s not at risk of filling up.

so what your saying is upgrade the SSD drive from 128 to lets say 500gb?


you might want to consider to uninstall and re-install Cubase, pointing the installer to a secondary HD for the Content (like your D: drive). The Cubase application itself is not really big and should be installed on the local drive, as Martin correctly wrote, installation of the program on D: is not supported.
Although upgrading to a bigger SSD might be worth and a good choice for the future, I find my whole audio installation using less than 40GB on my C: SSD - I have Cubase, stand-alone programs, including (algo) synths, their presets and a few apps unrelated to audio on the C: drive. Large libraries (Steinberg, Toontrack, NI, IRs and samples) are installed on on my D: drive.

You just have to pay attention to this: when installing Cubase, you can click on every entry on the left (Padshop, Groove Agent, HALion Sonic) and change the installation path. Check that each every entry is set to the same path (e.g. D:\Steinberg Content) and double-check that every entry is set to the same path after making the assignments.

thank you so much :slight_smile:

Yeah, although I only went to 250GB which seems fine, 128GB always kept getting too close to filling up even after I’d moved moved the Steinberg content to another drive.

I am having the same issue as you could you let me know how it goes installing it on the d drive.
It’s working fine for now on c but as time goes on could be an issue.
So I want to reset computer and install all cubase artist on d drive.
Will there be any issues with this ?
Many thanks

@jazz, I didn’t change the OS, I uninstalled CB and moved data to D drive and continued using CB 8.5 :slight_smile:

I have now done the same. uninstalled cb and reinstalled on d
no problems to report

FYI, it’s not supported to install Cubase to other than C drive. You May have some issues while Cubase maintenance updates.

Hi I’ve installed cb artist 9.5 on d drive it works fine.not too bothered about the updates .making music for me is the most important thing

All my cubase stuff is on D drive and it works fine except for the vst instruments. I can open halion but not groove agent so I can write à drum Line in midi track but no sound comes out. I been trying to figure this out for a week now and it still doesnt work. I NEED HELP. Halion work fine but theres no program in it so no sound either

i have uninstalled mine at present and wont be installing until the end of the week, so i cant really help you until i have checked mine out :frowning:
however i am sure someone will post a reply :frowning:

But when you install a new SSD drive, don’t you have to completely reinstall the entire OS and everything on it? Or is there a way to migrate everything onto the new drive? Am I missing something?