Installation Issue (First Time Posting)

Hi everyone, I’m Phil this is my first post on these forums so if need be please direct me to the proper section to post about this minor issue… However I am confident this is where I should be.
Anywho, I have Cubase LE5 installed on a laptop belonging to my band’s old Bassist which all the product info is registered under my name and I just need some guidance as to whether or not I would be able to uninstall it from that computer and install it onto another in which it’d be more convenient for me. I have the old activation code so I’m not sure whether I’ll need a new one. Pretty much I know nothing of what I would need to do this and any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Log into MySteinberg and click on Activation & Reactivation. Follow the instructions.

" … band’s old Bassist … "

Sounds like drama :stuck_out_tongue: .

Haha, nah he left for his own personal stuff without any feelings of resentment. Pretty cool he offered us to use his laptop to finish all of our stuff, but it all was just slightly inconvenient. Anyway, thanks a lot man!