Installation Notes for MacOS needs to address Microphone Privacy permissions

I ran into a serious problem upgrading my MacBook Pro from High Sierra (10.13) to Catalina(10.15), something that should be pointed out in the Mac Installation Notes for Cubase (and all the other DAWs that do audio processing). That MacOS upgrade forced me to upgrade to Cubase 11.

After upgrading to:
UR44: v2.2.1
Yamaha-Steinberg USB driver: 2.0.5
Cubase 11 Elements: v 11.0.20

everything was working in Cubase 11 EXCEPT I could not get it to process or record live input from the UR44. These functions were missing:
• the Inserts were not being applied to live input
• the track volume indicator (vertical bar) was zeroed as if no input signal
• during recording, no waveform was shown except flat (0.00 millivolts input)
• recording the track resulted in a playing back a zero-signal

As a 1-man band performer, I was shut down for a month trying to figure out how Catalina broke my Cubase recording system.

Complicating these symptoms was the “pass thru” or “foldback” of live Inputs in the UR44 directly into the UR44 Output, which was added to benefit live performers. It was confusing to be hearing the live input in the output channel, but not seeing the signal nor being able to record it.

Thru the Forum, I found out that Apple, starting with Mohave (10.14) added a Security and Privacy setting called “Microphone”. It’s purpose is to deny apps access to the “mic” (or other audio input) absent the user empowering that app thru a checkbox.

The solution given was to check the box for Cubase in these Privacy/Microphone settings, and it completely fixed the problem with Cubase.

This critical information belongs in the InstallationNotes for MacOS. Sharing this info could have saved me a month of downtime.

Or, you could have checked the forums and found the solution within minutes. I think there is a post relating to this nearly every day.

That isn’t to say the information shouldn’t be more easily found. However, I’ve never used a Mac and I’m aware of this situation just from being a forum browser.

Just sayin’, you know … :nerd_face: