Installation of Cubase 11 - the minimum

I would like to ask: what do I have to install (from all the available files listed in the Download Assistant) to be able to run C11.

I have plenty of composition created in previous versions of Cubase5-Cubase10 what I like to open in Cubase11. I have never used Halion or any of the soft-synths from Cubase (not that I do not like them, simply I use extensively VEPRO and some other VSTis in it). Now, I have a very stable system (MacPro 2019/Catalina) and I do not prefer to install any unnecessary files.

Obviously I need to install the app itself. Do I have to install all the “recommended” files? Please elaborate.
Also, I like to know what to select and what not to select (if that option will show up during the installation). Any help is very much welcome.

Note: I use other DAWs (DP/Harrison Mixbus/ProTools and of course Cubase11) on the same machine.


Hi and welcome,

In this case, you can install Cubase Pro 11.0.0,. Application only. Learn something about the SpectraLayers and consider, if you want to install and use it too.


Thanks! All is fine :smiley:

As I am a MIDI composer (working with huge orchestral templates), my only remaining “issue” is that many of my “old” songs “calls” back my trusty Motif XS (already sold) and a very few “old” plugins (I do not miss these anymore). The only way I see this to be “fixed” is to go through all the XS MIDI tracks and assign them to my soft synths…ahhh…that is life ;-)…luckily I have used to name my tracks :slight_smile:

I have followed a nice video about the SpectralLayers. Indeed, it is a very powerful tool.