Installation of N7 - a pleasant surprise

Hello All,

I finally got extra time to install my upgrade to N7, and man, I was very surprised as to how smooth it went down. 5 minutes and I was all set up.

I first noticed my Houston Controller reacted to the launch of the software. (WOW! It already recognized it). Then, I noticed that it copied over my key commands and settings, which was probably a moment of relief for me. With all my past Nuendo installs, I have had to re-create this long list of key commands and macros.

Also, the new eq with the roll off slopes is a very much welcomed feature. Many of us have had to use plug-ins just for a steeper roll-off.

I hope the VCA feature is as easy and as productive as it looks on the video tutorial. I know with the N6, there were features that were added, but in reality, they took longer than just clicking around. Truth be told, the Houston Controller is still an integral part of my studio. So much, that it is worn out. So if anyone has one that is in good condition and looks new, send me a pic with a price.