Installation on 2 computers with shared sound library on one external hardrive

Hi there

I have just bought a new computer and would like to install Cubase 10.5
But, i already have the sound library on an external hard drive.

How do i install Cubase on the second computer, without reinstalling the sound library?
And then how do i point both versions of cubase to the same sound library on the external hardrive?

Thanks in advance!

I think once you have the steinberg library manager installed you can launch the individual libraries from the files on the external drive (ie double click on them) and the library manager will do the rest.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know how to avoid installing the sound library on the new machine during the normal cubase 10 install process? I don’t think it’s possible to deselect sound library install for example

I think you can just opt to not to install them - I’ve got cubase 10.5 on a second machine and it doesnt have the majority of the sound libaries installed.

Sorry cant be more helpful was a few months a go I did the install.