[Installation problem & Ghost support]

1 changed my pc from window to mac.

I got problem to install ad authorize my licence on mac.

I followed the FAQ but no way to solve the issue. I contact the support but after 7 days no ONE Answer to me.

Some one can help me?? thank

Best regards

Did you bring your USB-eLicenser and put it into a USB slot on the Mac? Did you down load the latest MAC USB-eLicenser software from their site and install it?

If both of these are in fact true then Wavelab should recognize the USB-eLicenser and you should be able to use WL on the Mac. Best of Luck!

The Elicenser USB-Dongle is working on both OS without the need to authorize it again.
Please have a look on the ELicenser-Center if the Wavelab license is still visible under USB-elicenser selection field.
Please also make sure to update the Elicenser-Control-Center by the Online Syncronisation dialog.


thank all for replay at the end I found a solution, but i got an answer whit don’t gave me any help whit only:
we are here for help you …

after 20 days

actually i’m wait again for a reply from Steinberg support

I had to istall a pirate licence … very crazy solution.

PS support from Steinberg is like rubbish …

I decide to change product
Thanks anyway


Sorry you had problems. Steinberg support can be a bit of a problem if you need to get answers in a hurry. Thanks goodness there is this forum for quick answers from the main developer of WL. I personally don’t think there is a better DAW program for mastering. YMMV.