Hi everybody, with SNOW LEOPARD and its last updates intalled in my MacBook Pro, when I try to install/upgrade my Cubase 4.5 to Cubase 6 (full versions) all seems ok until window installation indicates “over 1 minute to finishing” and other progress bar is opened with Halion Sonic SE installation, main window indicates “executing scripts from package”, and then everything remains locked there, Halion progress completes once and other, and other and never finishes (even if I do click to close the Halion installation), when it wants the Cubase installation finishes with “installation error”, what’s the matter? Cheers

Hi hi, this message is to confirm I’ve solved the problem, obviously I don’t think to tell how because it doesn’t go out from my ‘cojones’, so you can everybody go to shit, Steinberg included.

Just installed. During installation, it did show several times the installation of Sonic. But I’ve been patient, and after few minutes the installation finished well without problem.

Having exact same problem. Trying to upgrade from cubase studio5 to cubase6 on mac ver.10.6.6. Installation goes as far as “running package script” and window opens “installing halion sonic se advanced content; halion sonic” the blue bar on this window fills to the end but it goes on a loop trying to install and after a while the message says the “installation failed etc…”
I tried installing many times from the DVD, also copied DVD to HD and tried from ISO image link but all failed.
Please advice. Thanks.

For the benefit of those against pettiness and “spitting dummies out of the pram” when things dont go our way ( as above post )
After a few exchanged emails with a person at Steinberg who did his best to try and help me, I ALSO managed to resolve the problem after many failed Cubase6 installations, by simply realising that it seems by default HalionOne is not ticked to install from the DVD, so during the installation in “customise” I just simply included HalionOne and installation succeeded.

What does flower mean?

Thanks for the suggested solution of including Hallion installation, I will try this asap. Steinberg support does not seem to care at all about answering requests, so I am glad having found this thread.


OK so I too have had this problem. The unsuccessful installation at the HALsonic stage. Simply ticking the unticked box did not work for me. I had to untick a few of the items, including Loopmash, which to be fair I probably wouldn’t use.
I have installed Cubase 6 but CANNOT for the life of me get HALsonic to install. Steinberg are uncontactable and have not responded yet to my email
I have tried only ticking HALsonic, trying to install the entire package, ticking/unticking various boxes etc. and constantly: ‘no dice’.

Any clues out there? I’m fairly frustrated here.

Sounds like a permissions problem. Might wanna repair permissions and run disk utilities. Something could be alittle fishy with information be written to disk upon installing. Usually I load the Snow Leopard install disk and boot up to the disk and run perm/disk util and sometimes cures little problems with installer scripts. just a thought. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Have repaired permissions but still HALion sonic is ‘having none of it’.
It’s so frustrating. I’m in a middle of a mixing project that I don’t need it for but use midi a lot when writing so can see this being a real problem in the near future.
I’d be interested to know if this has been experienced by anyone else.

I can confirm that I’m having the same problem, updating from Cubase 4.5.2 to Cubase 6, on Mac OS version 10.6.6. For me it seems that everything installs fine, but then at the very end it inexplicably gives the message: “There were errors with the installation. You may want to try installing again. The installation failed. The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.” Other than that, no log or clue as to what, if anything went wrong. I’ve tried installing both without and with HALion One checked, and get the same message at the end either way.

Also oddly enough, Cubase 6 starts fine and HALion Sonic SE, HALionOne, LoopMash 2 and Groove Agent ONE are all available. So it seems like the installation was a success after all… ?

Could this maybe be an issue with the upgrade from 4.5.2? Or maybe Mac OS 10.6.6? Is there anywhere I can look to find an installation log that might give a clue as to what the problem is?

I finally solved the installation problem by wiping out all traces of Cubase, Halion and eLicenser from my machine. The process involved deleting Cubase 4 and 6, as well as the eLicenser Control Center and a Sequel 2 Trial I had from the /Applications folder, then doing a full search of system files using the instructions found here: for the terms “Steinberg”, “elicenser”, “Halion” and “Cubase”, and carefully selecting and deleting everything that wasn’t an e-mail or other kind of document that I might need. For good measure I also opened up Disk Utility and did a Repair Permissions on the hard drive. After this, I re-ran the Cubase 6 installer and it reported a successful installation… finally! And now when I start I get the New Project Wizard, which did not happen before, and my audio is correctly routed by default in new projects, which was also not the case before, so something seems to have changed after all!

Just thought I’d share for the benefit of others that are having issues upgrading from a previous version.

I am running into the same isue. I just bought a brand new mac pro and cubse 6 update. I insert my usb key, insert the dvd, click the big “Install Cubase 6” button, and then click the smaller install button.

Everything seems to be working until it starts running package scripts… once I get to this screen the “instaling halion sonic se advanced content” window pops up and cycles for a long time… then I. Get the installation failed pop up.

For those of you who were abl to customize the installation by unchecking certan items… how did you get to that screen? With the C6 update package instaler I’m not seeing any checkboxes. Also, I’m not sure I’m clear on how or why I would need to ry to delte any trace of steinberg products from a brand new computer before being able to install this. Can anyone confirm a root cause or straightforward solution?