Installation problems with Nuendo 11 - possibly related to mysteinberg/elicenser account mismatch

I bought an upgrade for Nuendo 11 a few weeks ago, finally getting round to installing it and hitting the following errors. When I enter my code in the Download Assistant, I first get the following error:

Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error: Process with the ID NOT found

I then get a cascade of Application Unknown from the elicense control centre.

I just installed the latest elicense control centre application.

I think this might be tied to me seemingly having multiple steinberg accounts. I just changed the email address of the default one MySteinberg logged me in to which was based on a very (20 year) old email address, and changed it to my business addess, but when I tried to register by USB license to mysteinberg account with the new email address, it said it was already registered to a different email address.

What do?

That’s like five things.

Sounds like you have to sort out which account has which email, so do that, then proceed with the update of the license.

Looks like I’ve found my other account!

For some reason the other one only has Cubase 6 registered to it, this one has Nuendo.

I didn’t know I even owned Cubase 6!!!

I also had no memory of this account.

Great! Do you still have the elicenser with C6 on it?

So you are also JeremyCorbett?

Please decide which you want to use here, and them send a PM to Ben_at_Steinberg So he can merge your forum accounts.

Also- you don’t need to enter a code in the Download Asst if your license is already activated.

It appears I have now made a total mess of things!

My Nuendo 11 upgrade is now registered with my ‘Jeremy Corbett’ account, but I can’t use that as that license doesn’t have my old Nuendo license on it so there’s nothing to upgrade lol - when I tried using it again on this account, it said the code had already been used. Doh

I don’t have any other elicensers. I expect it was perhaps bought for me by a previous employer and for some reason I set up the account with a personal email address.

Looks like I may have a bit of a wait guessing from the time to merge the accounts, but good to know it can be done.

You’re not understanding how it works, so read the following, it should help you out.

This is odd, logged into this account, I have no option to PM @Ben_at_Steinberg when I go to his user page like I did from the other account. Maybe I haven’t made enough posts with this one.

@steve Afraid that didn’t help, I used up the download access code using the download manager logged in to the wrong account, so I can’t get an activation code I can use on this one.

Aha! So I managed to get my Nuendo 11 activation code by logging into Steinberg Download Manager from the other account, and manually register it in elicenser, so I think I’m good to start working, but do need to get these accounts merged long term.