Installation Process

I am several time failure to install the CUBASE AI 10 in my windows 10 desktop, this software provide me YAMAHA MG10XU audio mixer if any kind hearted person help me step by step procedure to install this software in my pc I am happy
I have no USB e-licenser device.

Hi, You don`t need an USB e-licenser for AI. Can you tell us what are you doing exactly?

just recorded my daughter’s song with backing track.


I guess, the problem is not in the installing process, which is automatic. I guess, the problem is in the activation. With Cubase AI 10, start eLicenser Control Center, click Enter Activation Code and enter the Activation Code (which starts with 0240). If your coffee doesn’t start with 0240, then you got the Download Access Code. If this is the case, insert this code in your MySteinberg account first, to get the Activation Code.

There are several YouTube videos, how to activate Cubase AI.