Installed Elements 4 but still starts up as SE 4

After trying a little bit in Dorico SE 4 I wanted to give Elements a try before deciding to purchase. So I requested the 30-day trial and received email confirmation right away.
Download assistant gives both options, so I started out by installing “Elements”. Then used the Dorico 4 shortcut on my desktop. Starts up as SE.
I then removed all steinberg software through the Windows Add/Remove program tool. Installed only Elements again trough the Download Assistant. Still the same problem.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong here?

Welcome to the forum, @Johan_DC. Run Steinberg Activation Manager and check whether Dorico SE or Dorico Elements is activated.

All three versions of Dorico (SE, Elements, Pro) are the same executable, and they change the level of functionality according to the license you have activated. So provided you have an Elements trial license in your account, you should see it in Steinberg Activation Manager, and be able to activate it there.

Thanks Daniel!
I was looking for something like that in the Download Assistant. It’s quite confusing we need two applications for something that is very much related to eachother. Most other software I know combine download/installation with the activation/license manager.

Yes, indeed, we’re well aware of that! We do plan to combine the functionality of Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg Activation Manager and Steinberg Library Manager into a single application in future, but it’s quite a big job.

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