Installed Synthogy Ivory but no library

I was all hyped up to try this new piano, and purchased the downloadable version from ILIO. After 3 tries with installation, and having to bat away a trojan virus, it finally said it was successful. Cubase even found the plugin. I just can’t hear anything, regardless of what piano I select, and there don’t appear to be any sound files. It’s 49 Gb piano and it’s nowhere to be found.

I know I can wait till Monday to call them but would really like to do some work on it this weekend. Any ideas?

Extra annoying as I missed a damn good hockey game.

You need to find the ‘‘tools’’ folder and in there is a tool that finds the library if I remember correctly, Ivory needs to be told where the content is, I dumped Ivory after suffering too much hassle with Ilok so this is from memory…
halion has some excellent pianos…

Thanks, Shadowfax. I did use that library tool and it told me there were no object files, hence the repeated attempts at install. I’m thinking maybe the virus that came with it is somehow responsible… tried it on my partners’s pc and the same thing happened. Ilok - you’re not kidding. Very finicky. As far as pianos we’ve been using Pianoteq and thought Ivory would give us some more flexibility. Will check into the Halion ones too. Thanks…!

Which version Ivory I or II ?

Don’t forget the update for Ivory II:

mbr, it’s Ivory II.

Thanks Makumbaria. I tried that just now - it won’t do it - it says libraries are missing, which is what the library tool program told me. I’ll have to wait to here from Ilio on Monday.

I think the Ivory II Library is nearly 76 GB. Depends which one you got.

Can you run it in standalone > Cantabile ?

mbs, we only got the American Concert D and that’s about 49 Gb. We should be able to run it standalone but the libraries are all missing. Maybe SONAR.heuristic.120 interfered with the whole installation process. I’m not too happy that it arrived with the download! Small risk but who knows what else is wrong. I should have ordered the DVDs but was in a hurry. There’s a lesson.