Installed Update perfectly , New Tool's Woooww

C11 installed without a hitch , Ara2 seems to have been sorted with SL7pro and opens up nicely . First impressions ? the new metering and scopes are fantastic the correlation fft is brilliant it’s pointed me to two frequencies that have bugged me in a project from 10.5.20 which opened flawlessly

Well done Steinberg , this is a gooden :wink:

I really hope the installation goes well. I had such a nightmare when I upgraded from 9.5 to 10 that I don’t ever want to experience that hell again. Basically I had to reinstall everything. Now, If just someone would invent a service like Steam (PC games) for Plugins and VST synths…

yeh all installed really smoothly here too, all preferences fine & old projects loading as expected… Good job!

Just considering the update today.

Did you update 10/10.5 or do a fresh install of 11 separately and copy across profiles etc?

Just the update , works perfectly with my fully loaded 10.5.20 project :wink:

Thanks I’ll go that way I didn’t want the hassle of copying across plugin presets etc

It was perfect , and i would moan if there was one slight issue , the only one i can tell at the mo is for those using AA plugin’s it still seems to be locking up on exit but hayyy that’s it .
Love the freq 2 as well i’ve needed a dynamic EQ for a while , if only they could make it less latency being a stock FX then it would be absolutely perfect

The upgrade was painless allright. I still see nightmares about the 9.5 -> 10 upgrade I had. But this is how it’s supposed to be done: Easy.

Glad to hear it , i used to dread updating so i jumped off the upgrade path at 8.5 and went from 8.5 with a new OS to 10.5 and was surprised how simple it was but this one was so so easy absolutely everything ran straight away