installing 3rd party plugins

Hi Everyone

Today I treated myself to ,to reverb’s, one is t Valhalla Vintage Verb and the other is Valhalla Room :smiley:

When I went into the plugin manager. And noticed one is in the fx folder,and the other in the reverb folder!! :confused:

I like to have my reverb’s in the same folder to keep them tidy.I this a quirk of Cubase?
Or can I move one to the right folder?

It doesn’t bother me too much,but I was surprised as of course there are reverb’s and not FX units :laughing:

Any help or advice would be very welcome

Thanks a lot

You have to create your own Plugin Collection, then you can move them where you want.
The easiest way is to copy the entire default set-up and then save your new version (which you can edit) as the default.

This Steinberg video covers it after a bit of waffle…

Ahhh great thanks a lot Nic , thats awesome!! I Didn’t know you could do that :blush:

Mind you there is a lot I don’t know about Cubase,since starting to use it,back in June last year :smiley:
But still learning and enjoying
Thanks again


Yes, you can actually create lots of collections for different occasions but I’ve always found that one with things put in folders that make sense to me is enough.

Ok so I have created my folders

so this is a really dumb question,but how do I use my folders in the context of the media tab