Installing 6 with 5.52 already installed (plugins)

Hi there

My current DAW is super stable with Cubase 5.52 - which I’m loving to bits - so stable and fantastic work flow.

But, well you know how it is … really wanna try out 6 and it’s new features.

I understand from the FAQ, that I can safely install Cubase 6 next to Cubase 5.52 without causing 5.52 to go
wrong, but there are a couple of questions I have.

  1. what happens to my 5.52 installed VST plugs - do I need to reinstall all my VST plugins again for Cubase 6!

  2. I use the Nocturn Automap controller what will happen to my Automapped plugins - do I wrap a new set for C6?

  3. Will 5.52 truly remain perfectly stable after installing 6?

thanks for any help

i’m not super duper stable (uad has recently given my jbridge a lot of trouble)…
bump!! none the less

I’m on Cubase 32 bit so I don’t have bridging issues.

Still hoping someone can give me some info on my OP.


You don’t say if you are Mac or PC but I think the answer is the same for both.

  1. No…your vst plug-ins are in a shared folder & will be available in C6.

  2. You wouldn’t need to remap most plugs…might need to add any new ones…BUT Automap is currently not working fully with C6…especially VST3 plugs. Search forum for threads.

  3. Should be…nothing of your C5 install is going to be altered by C6.

Well my update experience with 64 bit surprised me as it picked up all my jbridge extensions not giving me the opportunity to try Vst bridge, which maybe a good thing as they all seem to work fine .

Thanks Grim

I’m on PC Windows 7 64 - Cubase 5.52 (32 bit)

thanks for the heads up on Automap - I didn’t realise there were issues there.
I might sit this out for a few weeks and wait till everyone gets up to speed with 3rd party updates etc.


thanks for the reply - I’d like to go 64 bit but I use UAD and Powercore - so I’m stuck in the world of 32bit for the time being.

Can you have Cubase 64 and Cubase 32 installed on Windows 7 64 at the same time.

My idea is to compose in Cubase 64 bit so I can use 24GB of RAM for tons of VI’s (I always turn VI’s to audio)
then I could mix in Cubase 6 32 so I can use my DSP plugins (which are cr*p with bit bridges)

I suppose at some point in the future Cubase will only be available as a 64 bit app!


Jbridge creates new dlls of your files so yes the new install will see them as existing plugs…the folder they are in (asssuming you used a 2nd folder) is probably copied from C5 preferences.

If you remove the path to the folder in the plugin information window & rescan, your Jbridged plugs will disappear from C6.

There is also a way to initialise your preferences if you want to make sure your C6 is a brand new install/Doesn’t use any C5 preferences etc.