Installing a plugin (SoundSoap 2)

According to the User Guide for BIAS SoundSoap 2, the program can be used as a plugin within a VST compatible program. I would like some guidance on how to do this within WL 7. Thanks.
(Windows 7)

Is there a .dll file with the plugin? Then this should be placed in the appropriate directory, which I don’t know by heart, but you can find within Wavelab where the plugins are. It’s also possible that the installation of SoundSoap has already placed the .dll in a common VST directory, you can point Wavelab to that directory (but it should be one that is already known by WL).

One more thing; it is important that the plugin is of the right VST version. IIRC, WL7 already needs VST3 plugins.

Many thanks. I’ve found my way to Options → Plug-in organization, but no mention there of SoundSoap. Cannot find any directory on my hard drive, using the start menu search box. Any more detailed suggestions appreciated. Thanks.