Installing & activating on new PC

I am setting up a new computer and retiring the old one that has Cubase on it. How do I go about activating the new download? Do I need to uninstall off old PC first?


I have just gone through this process and no, you don’t need to uninstal Cubase on your old computer.

The licence is held on your dongle so you can simply transfer that to your new computer. You can download the full Cubase installer from your MySteinberg account.

I was advised to update my eLicenser on my old computer first so I did that just to be safe. Also note that you will have to re-setup your audio device and any Preferences.

If by “the new download” you’re talking about activating your present version of Cubase all you need to do is download the eLicencer software install it, plug in the dongle and you should be good to go. No need to uninstall Cubase on your old computer.

If you mean buying and downloading an upgrade, you need to input the new (supplied) activation code into the eLicencer software interface and follow instructions.

The above answers are correct assuming you are running a version of Cubase licensed to a usb elicenser (dongle)

If that’s not the case, you need to follow the process for reactivation listed here: