Installing an older version of cubasis 3

Hi, is it possible to download and install older versions of cubasis 3

Would make sense to have access to each version.

I’m saying this due to cubasis not importing fully correctly at the moment, I used to. Mainly the init patch issue and some other inconsistencies.

But looks like one NEEDS 3.5.1 to work on ios 16….

Hi @LiquidEDGE

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately it is not possible to load an older version of Cubasis.

Please give the following steps a try, to see if it helps resolving the issue:

  • Close all apps including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down your mobile device

Does importing the file works as expected once relaunching the device and Cubasis?

Since we are unaware about any import issues: If the problem persists, please provide us with further details about the issue.


My bad on my wording and missing out words, oops…
CUBASE (I have pro 11) is not importing cubasis projects correctly. It used to be almost perfect. But now retrologue 2 just opens an init patch from micrologue. And a few other inconsistencies and gaps. Which I’ve noticed other people are complaining about. So I’m sure you are aware of this.

Project importer is version 3… etc etc. it’s all up to date. I’m posting here because I’ve tried everything and it seems to me that something has actually got messed with in cubasis in the newest versions .

Hi @LiquidEDGE

Thanks for your updated message.

So the import issue is related to the Cubasis Project Importer in this case and not Cubasis.

Please note that the Cubasis Importer is planned to be updated alongside with the next Cubasis update. However it might take some time still until being ready to be released.


Awesome. That’s great news. As it caught me off guard. Fully in love with you all again. :grin:

Sorry if any frustration of mine spilled over in the texts. :blush::heart:

Thank you.

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Hmm. I little upset… so yes you have a new project importer being done but it’s for cubase 12 and above.

I got cubasis 3 as it worked perfectly at the time for cubase 11…

It was touted as such as well.

To now drop support for cubase 11 is a tad depressing.

As cubasis 3 was sold as being able to seamlessly integrate with 11.

Hi @LiquidEDGE

Happy New Year 2024!

I’d expected the Cubasis Importer 3.6 update to work fine with your Cubase version too! Please give it a try and let me have your feedback!


Ok, I’ll check it out when next in the studio. Thanks for the heads up. Fingers crossed. And I’ll report back asap. :+1:

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