installing an upgrade

i am building a win7 64 machine and want to put my C4 32bit on it for the time being and to open old projects. anyway, my question is this. my C4 box says update on it and i had problems installing it. it basically would not licence. do i have to have my old copy of SX3 on my machine in order to put C4 on since it is an ‘update’ copy of C4? it would not licence when i tried to install it so i uninstalled, loaded C3 and licence manager, then C4 and i got it to work. even then, C4 was difficult to install. windows gave me some error about compatability. i then right clicked on the install and selected some other option and it finally worked.
anyway, i wanted to know for future reference if i needed my old copy of SX3 for future builds and for when i get C6. if that is the case would i have to load SX3, then C4, then C6 since C6 will also be and ‘update’ or ‘upgrade’? if so, that sucks. i am wondering if my licenser went weird for a bit. i already have C4 on my studio computer so the license should be on there, right?


No, updates are full versions

I think there is a Win 7 installer on the Steinberg server IIRC. Could also be that´s a Vista 64 bit installer, don´t know for sure.

No. You need a valid license from the version you update from on the dongle. Updates (usually) only download a “update license” instead of a “full license”.

The license is on your dongle and therefore “on” any computer that has the dongle attached.

exactly. thats what i thought. i don’t know why it wouldn’t licence until i un-installed and put SX3 on first. also, i was installing the 32 bit version. i downloaded a 64 bit version to play with and it installed without a hitch. the 32 bit version on the server said you needed 4.1 to install 4.5 but i wasn’t sure 4.1 would install without my orginal 4.0 since 4.1 was labeled as a ‘patch’.
well, i got it working and that’s all that matters but it was a bit cumbersome.