Installing and registration on second computer

Nearly two years ago, but still haven’t done this on second computer, waiting for relocation. I assume that now having re registered via Steinberg (originally Dorico) I can still use the original activation code and the new password I’ve used for Steinberg, not the old Dorico password? Just trying to avoid glitches which occasionally occur when installing software.
Related to that, I’ll probably upgrade to version 4. But I assume it’s best to install my current 3.5 on second computer and then do the upgrades?


You just asked this question, and Daniel answered you here!

Unless you’re using the USB-eLicenser, you can’t install and use Dorico 3.5 or earlier on two computers. This is why I recommended you move up to Dorico 4, as among its hundreds of improvements and new features above those included in Dorico 3.5, it also uses the new Steinberg Licensing system that allows you to install and activate Dorico on up to three computers simply by signing in with your Steinberg ID.

OK OK Derek; I believed my first contact with Daniel was not at the Forum but at another tech help site; couldn’t navigate to that so I asked again on the Forum , sorry to waste your time.