Installing and Using Plug-ins

I’ve been searching all over the internet trying to learn how to install plug-ins and use them as VST Instruments, to no avail. In every tutorial I’ve seen, I’ve been told to go to Devices–>VST Insruments, but VST Instruments isn’t an option in my dropdown menu for some reason. I’m pretty sure I’ve placed the plug-in in the right system folder because when I start up Cubase, I see it get loaded. I’m using Cubase LE 5. Any suggestions are appreciated.

In LE5 you need to add an Instrument track 1st, (Project- Add track- Instrument) then select your VSTi as an output. Under the help menu in Cubase LE5 you’ll find an option called “Getting Started” which explains this procedure in detail (with pictures!!) on page 39.

Devices- VST Instruments applies to older versions of Cubase (LE1 for instance).

Hope this helps, and please don’t flame me for pointing you to the documentation- I’m trying to help you help yourself.

Best wishes.

Thank you. The problem I’m having though, is that HALionOne is the only option. The plug-ins I’ve downloaded and placed in the VST folder aren’t being found.

OK… so the .dll files for the VST you want to use are in the same directory as the Halion .dll??

There is a procedure called “Refresh Preferences” which may help. I’m not sure how it is implemented in LE4, but I do know that this was suggested in the old forum and seemed to work.

You must move or copy all of your vsti instrument .dll files to C:\program files\common files\steinberg\vst2 folder. I found this out after much experimentation. :confused:

1.5 year thread resurrected?!