Installing C6- Will anything from C5 be written over?

I will be installing C6 today…as soon as that UPS driver gets his slow brown truck over to my house :laughing: …and wanted to make sure of something: Will all of my C5 presets (preferences, key commands, etc.) be safe and not written over? I’m assuming they will all be OK, but just wanted to double-check.


Why not simply back em up, just in case, even better than any double checking…

Rename “Cubase 5” folder to “Cubase 5X”, both the application folder and the preferences under Documents and settings. Install Cubase 6 and it will create two “Cubase 6” folders in each destination respectively. Then rename the Cubase 5 folders back again and you’re good to go, both versions! :sunglasses:

Seems you can’t just DROP the Key Commands from C5 to C6 like you used to do. But you can copy it and put it in
presets\key commands and then from inside Cubase Key Commands dialog open the import dialog and select all filetypes. It’s *.xml now and not the default *.key so you have to do that. The rest is maybe best to leave alone since C6 seems a little different from C5. Just let it do it’s thing and smile :smiley:

Thanks guys!