Installing cubase 11 on another computer

hi, i installed cubase 11 about a year ago on my computer and everything goes well. now i have a new computer, so i deleted cubase from the old computer and try to installed it on the new one.
i log in to the the steinberg web and i sow that i dont have the option to download cubase 11 because its all ready activated.
Anybody knows how can install cubase 11 on another computer.

Download and install SDA(Steinberg Download Assistant), log in, then download Cubase 11. Make sure you have your elicenser plugged in. If there’s any trouble run the eLic app and let it do maintenance.


If you have 11 pro then you can just get it from the steinberg download page and install. As long as you have the usb licencer inserted it will work. You don’t say which version though?

I cannot download it because it doesn’t show me the option to download. Instead it’s showed me the program is all ready activited.

You did not say where you tried the download, from the website or via Download Assistant. The download page is here