Installing Cubase 11 on computer with no internet / Licenses problem

Hi all, noob questions here, please guide me what to do, thanks :slight_smile:

I bought Cubase Pro 11 retail from a local shop.
It is a square box with a usb-licenser and a 25 digid code.
First thing I did is to install Steinberg Activation Manager on my laptop that I do all internet.
I ve put my “download access code” and I saw “Cubase 12” on the left, no cubase 11 . .
Seen the “install” options directly from the activation manager, as I do not want to install Cubase on my laptop, I downloaded Cubase 11 from Steinberg’s site along with E-licenser and Library manager.
I install E-licenser, Library Manager and last Cubase 11 on my tower-PC (no internet) that I would like to work. I have also put the usb-lisencer on my PC.
Then I understood that I am missing something, as I dont have an Activation code, so I am back at my laptop.
I install at my laptop e-licenser too. I registered the usb-licenser with no problems, but no activations inside yet. Trying to activate the e-licenser there is an error
"Repairing Sof-eLicenser

At least one of the eLicensers used during this process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions.
Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue.
Click “OK” to proceed with further maintenace tasks, or click “Cancel” to stop maintenance procedure.

Step 2 : FAILED (Repairing Soft-eLicenser)"

And when I put my e-licenser serial number on steinberg’s site I have this “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.”

Then I am trying to open again Steinberg Activation Manager and i Cant even sign in ! The red button sign in does nothing . .

Any ideas how to install my cubase on my Pc?

I ve uninstall e-licenser and steinberg activation manager three times, no need to do more times I think.

thanks a lot !!!

if you open your eLicenser Control Center with the USB dongle connected to your computer, then press the USB eLicenser section does it say that it has Cubase Pro 11 on the dongle?

if not then follow these instructions:
Software/license activation (how to use Activation Codes) – Steinberg Support

Steinberg activate the latest available version of the product when you use your Download Access Code or Activation Code. You will have activated Cubase Pro 12 on Steinberg Licensing. As a new purchase, you will not be given an eLicenser licence for Cubase 11 and earlier.

Install Cubase Pro 12 on the disconnected system, then do the Offline Activation process in Steinberg Activation Manager.