Installing Cubase 12 on a new computer

Hello all
This is my first post in the forum, I am very new to recording and cubase but slowly getting there, getting a new computer this week, so having bought artist 12 how do I go about installing it on my new laptop? I don’t need it on the old one but would I need to uninstall it first and/or deactivate the licence before doing anything?

Install Steinberg Download Assistant on the new system and sign in to your My Steinberg account. Install Cubase Artist 12.

You might have to open Steinberg Activation Manager, sign in and activate your licence.

If you intend to stop using Cubase on your old system, I would open Steinberg Activation Manager, deactivate Cubase, then sign out of Steinberg Activation Manager (click the person icon in the top right for the menu). This makes sure the activation is released back to your account.

Thank you David, I am hoping it won’t be too much of a hassle