Installing Cubase 6.5 into windows 8


I"ve installed Windows 8 Pro 32Bit over Windows XP and now all my programs have been wiped out along with C 6.5

I started using Cubase years ago starting with Cubase SX, and upgraded it every time Steinberg brought out a new version.

Please can you tell me if I can install C6 update I have on my shelf and download 6.5 from my saved files to bring me up to date.

Thanks to ALL

Yeah that should work.


Thanks for your reply, I tried it, but now I can’t upgrade to 6.5 as their no license showing in the elicenser for C6 to upgrade from.

Thanks anyway

If you had been running Cubase 6.5 before, then the license is on your USB e-licenser, and all you need to do is install 6.5 and plug in the e-licenser. If you were only running Cubase 6.0, then you can only run 6.0 now.
Also: Have you installed the latest verson of the e-licenser software (Not the one that comes with the original Cubase 6.0 install disk)?

Thank you for your reply, i tried your advice, but still no go.
The problem is that my eLicense shows that Cubase 6.5 is there, but i have Cubase 6 installed so when I try to install the upgrade to 6.5, it says that there is no Cubase 6 detected.

I think the problem is Cubase 6.5 in the elicenser. I need away to remove 6.5 from my elicenser and then activate 6 and then upgrade to 6.5

Hope that make sense and clear to make out so you can advise further.

Mant thanks so far for the advice.

No, no. You have to understand that the license on your e-Licenser gives you the right to run Cubase 6.5 PLUS every version before it. The program looking for this is the e-Licenser software, and that needs to be up to date, to ‘know’ about the existence of the higher version on your USB dongle. Thereby knowing it’s OK to let you use C6 even without an explicit license for that on the dongle.

The 6.5 update installer telling you it does not detect a Cubase 6.0 version has nothing to do with the e-licenser or the actual license itself. Installing any software should work independent of the license on the dongle. Just to run the software requires the appropriate license. Make sure you have the correct 6.5 update file, have the correct administrator rights on your computer, or something like that…

I hate computers, i got so frustrated and angry, :angry: that the Mrs said lets go out for a meal.
Anyway just got back and thought I would give it another go before bed and hay presto everything works as it should.

Thank you to everyone that tried to help, I’m sure your advise was good. :smiley:

I think the Mrs had the best advice :stuck_out_tongue: