Installing Cubase 6 to MacBook Air, how?

I want to install Cubase 6 to my MacBook Air, but I´m not sure about one thing.

I put the install DVD to my Mac Pro´s DVD drive and transferred (with file sharing) the MAC OS X install folder to my MBA along with the 6.0.5 update. But now when I started going trough the install menu, the last thing it will mention “This will take 6,26 GB of space on your computer”, but the installation folder is only 228,7 MB.

So I´m left wondering is there Gigabytes of hidden data in the DVD that needs to be “involved” in the installation process? So do I need a DVD drive for the installation? :open_mouth:

And one more question. Can I install the 6.0.5 without installing the 6.0? (That is if the 6 GB data is not needed).


Insert Install disc to the MacBook Pro, find this drive throught your network, and click to the installation icone. Install it this way, use the network access to the DVD drive.

No, Cubase 6.0.5, or rather the last update 6.0.6 isn’t full installer, on the Steinberg web page. You have to install Cubase from your DVD first.

The 6 GB data, this is Sound Library of HALion Sonic SE, and other synths, and some loops for the MediaBay.


Ah okay! Didn´t thought of that. :stuck_out_tongue: I will try it! Thanks a bunch!

Ah yes, the useless bloat. Do I have to? :cry:

Keep your eyes open during install, and you maby don´t…

No, you don’t. If you will not use HALion Sonic SE or internal Steinberg’s loops, you don’t have to.

Thank the lord! :smiley:

What? I checked from the custom install menu that the Halion box was unticked (Only Cubase and eLicenser boxes were ticked), but it installed the Halion content anyway. :confused: