Installing Cubase 7.5 on multiple drives HOW?

I just purchased a new Mac Pro. I’m planning to install Cubase on multiple drives. Applications with go on the internal SSD hard drives, files on a second separate drive and samples on a third. I was planning on using 7,200 RPM drives for files and samples but could put them on separate SSD’s if necessary. I have no clue how to install cubase other than the standard one drive installation. Can anyone help.

I don’t know why you want to install it on multiple drives but I can’t see any reason why you’d need to. You can install cubase on the internal drive and then configure cubase to record, read from any external drive you want.

just change the path on installation as and when you are asked in the install process

Hi Buck

As the guys have said, install Cubase as normal on the SSD. When you start recording Audio make sure that you specify one of the 7200 drives for the audio(that is probably the best way to go btw, not an SSD, not for audio anyway). As far as the samples go, on installation, specify one of your other drives for them (not the Audio one,but SSD’s for samples are pretty good, but expensive)). There was a problem I came up against here re. the Steinberg samples for Halion Sonic SE. They were installed automatically on the main SSD drive in the “users” folder (can’t remember exactly where). I got around this by moving the samples(with a vstsound extension) to the "sample drive and putting shortcuts to these where I’d just moved them from. All the other “Kontakt” “BFD” etc stuff I put all the samples on the sample drive on installation. I see that you are on a mac so I’m not sure if all of this translates properly but… hope this helps

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Thanks Dave,

That was my game plan. All applications on the internal hard drive which is an SSD. I have many programs, Ultimate 8, Vir2 Acoutics and Electr6ity ETC which will take up more space than the internal hard drive can handle. Even without the Audio files I’m pushing 650 GBs of samples and I’m sure that will expand in time. Plus I do some video work, although I plan to put that on a separate hard drive as well. It may be obvious when I do the install, but not obvious now. I know how to install on a separate dive, but not how to put applications in one place and library samples in another. Most of the programs require that once installed I cannot move files. That’s what concerns me. And if I do move them, I’m not sure how to create the short cut to show the application where to look. The good news for Apple users is I have an Apple store not far from me and they are usually pretty good when it comes to help.

Thanks everyone. Computer is coming on Friday and I’ll see what happens.


Ultimate 8, Vir2 Acoutics and Electr6ity aren’t programs. They are Kontakt sample libraries. Cubase and Kontakt need to be installed on your system-drive.

Then install the sample libraries on one of your 7200 drives. Then start Kontakt and select “Add Library”. Then just navigate to the drive and folder, where the sample is stored. If Kontakt should loose contact with the library (or you move it), Kontakt will alert you and give you the option to “repoint” it.

You may run into a little bit of trouble with Electr6ity, though. If my recollection is correct, it lacks the “.nicnt” file, that is required to make it work with Kontakt Librarie feature. So, you’ll need to make one yourself. It’s not that complicated. Google it. The alternative is to open the samples with Kontakt’s file panel.

Then, when you’re ready to record, start Cubase. Before you can start recording Cubase requests that you select (or make) a project folder. This can reside to any drive. One little thing though. Cubase doesn’t automatically save your project file (let’s hope they get around fixing this) so, make sure that your project file is saved before you start recording.

It is not recommended to use the same drive for your sample libraries and audio recording. I use three drives; one for the program (the system drive), one for the libraries and one for audio recording. If you can afford it, an SSD can really slash the loading times of huge sample libraries.

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Hi again Buck

Svenne has it absolutely right, the actual VST,s Kontakt etc take up very little room, it’s only the library’s that use all the space and those are what should be put on the “non system” drive, most times, at least with all the Kontakt libraries I have, it asks you where you want the samples put on installation, so you just point it to the larger drives.

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Just saying…, you can after a clean install of os x open system prefs, then click users/group, then right click the current user (admin) and from there change the home folder to your 7200 disk. This way your applications are located on the ssd with the OS and all files (music docs movies, samples and so on are in your home folder on the 7200.

Well, I guess that’s one way of doing things, if you like to doing things the hard way. A far easier and much more flexible way is to simply drag and drop the folders you use most often to the sidepanel in the finder window, under “Favourites”. They are then accessible with a single click in any Finder window or Save/Open dialog box.

but dropping folders on the sidepanel gives only links to your folders, if i understood your post. My suggestion is that the home folder lives physically entierly on a separate disk once and for all, including the desktop folder and every single file you have made, with the exception of the system and applications.

You only set this up once when you set up your mac first time. i have this setup on my mac. one SSD disk for system and apps, one separate 7200 terrabyte disk for the home folder, one more separate 1T disk i call cubase projects, this is where all cubase recordings/files goes, and a 4. disk for general storage including Komplete samples files and folders. All in all 3 one terrabyte disk for diffrent purposes + one SSD disk. On my mac this is stable and never had a crash.

the sidebar homefoldericons shortcuts automaticly to the 7200 disk. no drag and drop needed.

edit, as others have written, in cubase itself you would decide where to put your project folders for each song you start working on, in my case its the cubase projects disk. The thread opener, as i understood, wanted separate disks for system and for samples/cubase recordings. This is at least one way to do just that. hj

Well, I guess I’ll have to confess to writing that aswell, kind of (Cubase decides nothing, but requires you to make the decicion).

My point was that change the home-folder doesn’t solve the “problem”. It just moves it. Unless you plan to store all your documents in one place, witch will soon become a mess. Changing the home-folder will still require you to navigate to the various discs/folders where you keep your files.

As I’ve already mentioned, I use three devices; one for the program, one for the libraries and one for audio recording (actually I use six, but the others have nothing to do with Cubase). By using the sidepannel, I have immediate one-click access to all my devices (under Devices) and folders I’ve designated (under Favourites). This is, by far, the fastest and most convenient way to access my files I’ve come across so far. Well, Mavericks Tag system may be even faster, but it requires that you remember to correctly tag each file as you save it. Fortunately, there’s nothing preventing you to combine the two methods.

Maybe some day in the future, Cubase will get the ability to automatically Tag the files, or some third-party comes up with a utility that does it.

Anyway, changing the home-folder is a waste of time, unless you only run Cubase (and nothing else) on your computer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 13.37.38.png
lets agree to disagree… I dont have space on my SSD for my homefolder (the house symbol), so i put it on a 7200 one terrabyte disk. no unusual navigation needed, its there in all save/open or import window as usual. The only navigation i ever did was the first time i install the OS.

home directory can be put anywhere you wish.

How do you move between two drives, without navigating? Have you found a way to have your home folder on two separate drives at the same time?

How do you move between two drives, without navigating? Have you found a way to have your home folder on two separate drives at the same time?

Hi, there is only one home folder, the one located on the 7200 disk. Everything on the sidebar/ shortcuts/aliases etc goes there automaticly.

Renaming or moving home folder is usually little risky, thats why i suggest to do this before starting using the mac.

And thereby we’ve shown that changing the location of the home folder makes absolutely no difference. Why take the unnecessary risk? You still have to navigate to your Devices/Folders, by digging around or using the side panel or the Tags!

I do not thinks it’s appropriate to advise new users to take actions that entails risks. Especially when the are risk-free (and more efficient) options available.

I guess I have lots of options. Apparently, Vir2 recommends that I load and store everything on the internal drive. Otherwise loading time and response time may be lacking. The other option I have is just loading everything on the internal SSD similar to what I have now on my laptop (1TB). I’d only keep my audio files on a separate HD. I’m sure everything will run faster to what I have now (MacBook Pro, 8GB ram). Has anyone had speed issues using a 7,200 with USB3?

I’ll need to read through (study) all the responses again and make sure I understand what’s been said.

I meant the risk after you have started using the computer. Theres no risk to change the home directory before you start using it.

I think i dont explain well here. There is no diffrence in the using of the system apps or files whatsoever, and no more risk than usual. No more digging or navigating.

Heres what i did: first install mavericks, then open system prefs, open user/group rightclick the name of the admin account, choose advanced options, there you select the path to where you want your home folder. Restart and voila, your mac has the home folder on your designated disk and the OS works like any other system. No navigating or any changes in the way the os works. All i did was changing the home directory to another disk. Even the user library goes to this disk now.

The threadopener asked if he could install cubase on multiple drives. We all saying he can choose what drive to record to in cubase as you and I also also does, i only inform that if the SSD disk is too small its possible to have the home folder on a separate disk without any changes in the workflow in the OS.