installing cubase 7 upgrade from 6.5

Hey I currently have C 6.5 , I trying to install the 6.5 upgrade to C 7. All the install went correctly except the HALionSonic SE Content … A window saying Please insert the disc. HALionSonic SE / But when I put the disc in Nothing happens ! I even tried to manually open the file and start exc. but it still did not start install it, and the insert pop up won’t close !!! HELP SOMEONE, what should I Do…

Hi revderrickgreen,

the content should be available in the download section of Steinberg.

I have downloaded it from there (the trial version) and it installed everything in one go - including the content.
I would let the mediabay do a re-scan of the drive where all C7 and content is installed.

So maybe better uninstall your current C7, download the full (or trial), install it

also download 7.0.3 update patch and install it.

Or the trial (should be the same)

Then run the MediaBay scan.

Now HalionSonic SE should find its content.

Good luck

download the 7.2 full installer and choose the repair function and then update to 7.3 ,but to be truthful ,your best option is to uninstall completely then run the 7.2 and 7.3 without installing 7.0 then you shouldn’t have an issue