Installing Cubase 9 Additional Content folder VST SOUND

Inside the installer, next to the Cubase 9.pkg is the Additional Content folder. Inside is the VST Sound folder containing 14.81 GB of .vstsounds. After I install Cubase 9, there is a VST Sound folder inside Cubase 9, but it contains only 6 vst sounds. After Cubase is installed, where would I find the contents of the 14.81 GB VST Sounds folder that contains 67 vstsounds? Does this require a separate installation? Do I manually move the contents of the 14.81 GB folder into the VST Sounds folder inside the Cubase 9 app?


Everything should be installed with the installer. Just make sure, it’s full installer.

The content is stored here:
system/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

Similar question. I just installed Cubase Elements 10. My Additional Content folder is 18G. My installation only increased the HD total used space in 5G, thus this 18G set of sounds was not installed with main installer.

What is my next step? How can I install this sounds?


Are you on Mac or Windows? If you are one Windows, make sure you have installed as administrator and you have installed from the setup.exe (not MSI file).