Installing Cubase LE 8 update

I already have Cubase LE 8 up and running.

I downloaded “Cubase Elements 8 upgrade from Cubase LE 8” just yesterday and Extracted All.
Guessing how to install it, I ran “Start_Center.exe” but the only options presented were to reinstall or delete. I chose reinstall.

When I run the software now, the Project Screen still shows the title “Cubase LE 8”, not “Cubase Elements 8”.
How do I install this upgrade to get “Cubase Elements 8”?.

Walter Degler

It might be possible that you are trying to start CB E from a shortcut still pointing to CB LE. Both versions are likely still installed so try starting CB E from the start menu and check the version from the CB/Help/About menu.

Regards. :sunglasses: