Installing Cubase on new computer with multiple upgrades

I have Cubase 9 with upgrades from around Cubase 4 on my old computer. I want to get a Cubase 10 upgrade onto my new computer (with no Cubase installed on it yet). Am I going to have to install my original Cubase versions plus all the consecutive upgrades on my new computer before I can install the Cubase 9 to 10 upgrade? Or will the presence of licenses on my dongle allow me to directly install Cubase 10 on my new computer?

If I have to do around 4 installations to get to Cubase 10 on my new machine, I may just stay with 9.


Hi and welcome,

You don’t have to install any Cubase version. Just update your license in the eLicenser Control Center application. Then you can decide which Cubase version do you want to install. Download the full installer and install it.