Installing Cubase on SSD but recording to HDD?

Hello all.

I recently got a gaming computer that I also plan to use Cubase on for school. I was wondering what people’s thoughts are about installing Cubase on an SSD but recording to the other HD. I’ve seen people saying that installing it on an SSD is great, but didn’t see many posts indicating whether they were also recording to it.

I’m probably not gonna use the SSD for recording anyway, as it’s only 256 GB, but for information purposes, is there a benefit or problem running Cubase off the SSD but recording to the HDD?

I always record on a separate “Audio projects” disk, having a regular HDD for this is just fine. The important thing (speed wise) is that the system and applications disk is SSD. I think the benefit of having multiple disks for various uses are A) keeping things tidy, and B) maximizing system performance as the system is able to work on different processes on different disks at once. If you use sample libraries, it is also good to have this on a third disk, I would recommend SSD as a sample libraries drive if you can afford it. Since your system SSD disk is only 256 GB, that is even another reason for keeping all your projects on separate disks. :slight_smile:

I have on SSD and one HDD. I don’t have a separate HD for os/apps/projects. Since the SSD is the OS, do you think installing Cubase and the VSTs there but recording to the HDD is okay, then?

That’s pretty usual and works fine.

Record to the system SSD and then copy the project folder to your rusty disk when complete. Why throw performance away? The bandwidth capability of an SSD and SATA interface far out-strip the requirements of a DAW + system tasks - and the DAW will perform better reading and writing to/from SSD.

The reason for separate disks in the old days was to reduce seek time (minimising read/write arm movement) there is no seek time to speak of with an SSD. Don’t forget to turn off defrag for the SSD.

That should work fine. I’ve got 3 SSD on my PC but record audio to HDD. I use SSD for OS & sample libraries. Doing a Project on SSD and moving it to HDD later is just creating extra work to do the move. You’d need to be using a huge number of Audio Tracks to overtax a modern HDD.

Yes! Besides, I meant that the OS/system and apps disk is the one and same disk, sorry if this was unclear :slight_smile:

If your heavily sample based the samples should be on the SSD.