Installing Cubase SX3 on Yosemite (Mac)


I’ve recently bought an iMac which came pre-installed with Yosemite 10.10. I have an old Windows PC which I previously ran Cubase SX3 on and I want to save all of my files from the PC and run SX3 on my iMac.

I have the original installation CD and USB dongle - my iMac is a slimline (i.e. does not have a CD/ DVD drive) so I have copied all of the installation disc files over via Airdrop from my MacBook Pro. When I try installing Cubase on the iMac (Cubase SX 3.mpkg) , it takes me through the usual steps:
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 15.37.36.png
After going through the ‘Preparing for Installation’, ‘Preparing Cubase SX’ and ‘Installing Cubase SX’ steps, the following error appears:
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 15.40.05.png
Does anyone know how I can overcome this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated as I’m having to hold onto all of my now-old PC equipment until I can get it fixed :cry:


The problem is that Cubase SX was a PowerPC app, and since 2005 or so Macs have Intel processors. Apple provided a way for the older apps to run until OS X 10.6 (I think it was), then dropped that support.

Here’s a wikipedia article on it.’s_transition_to_Intel_processors

Thank you SteveInChicago - I’ll have a read of the Wiki link. Essentially, though, I take it there is no way I can run SX on Yosemite?

That’s my understanding.

Ah, never mind - thank you for the advice, appreciated - I’ll have to take the plunge and get a newer version (provided I can still open my old files!)

Newer versions of the program will open older cubase SX3 files