Installing Elements 7 (USB Licensed) on a second computer

Hi, I have search everywhere but cannot find and answer to a simple question:
I have installed Elements 7 (upgraded from AI) on my MacBookPro and transferred the License to a USB Licenser. It works very well. I am happy with it.
I now want to install Elements 7 on an iMac so EITHER computer can use the USB Licenser (- obviously not at the same time!).
There are no instructions as to how to do this. I burnt the Original Elements 7 paid upgrade to disk and I have its activation number. So I could install straight from this disc.
Do I simply install that upgraded Elements 7 on the iMac and use the ‘used’ activation number, or does the install automatically ‘see’ the USB Licenser (as in situations where there is no internet)
"Dongle’ dependent users will know all about this (e.g Cubase 7.5 etc) but I have no idea and do not want to compromise my USB Licenser and the already installed Elements 7 on the MacBookPro.
I would grateful for the process
Thank you

Just install the most current eLCC for your operating system ( and plug in your USB-eLicenser. Install your Cubase software and launch it. Simple as that. Once the license is on the dongle, the license is on the dongle. No need to re-enter an activation code.

The license is on the eLicencer key. Just install cubase on the computer you want to use, plug in the USB eLicencer key and start Cubase. You don’t need to activate anything the license is on the key.

Solved. Thank you to both answers.
Simple but scary as I started with Cubase 1.8 x and the 2 installs were easily lost on floppys.
Returning now to the fold.

Good to hear :wink:

It really does work. Did the install on the second computer, inserted USB Licencer and Cubase opened without any fuss. So all I need is my USB and I can open Cubase on either computer (home or work). Yes I know it should work and works for others, but it works for me also. Thank you