installing GA4

Just bought my update from GA2 to GA4 (win).
There are 4 parts, first one is an exe file, the others zip folders.
I click on the exe file but it won’t start.
To be honest I am on Vista (I know, but my system is so stable and I have some old software on it, I don’t want to change it). If I use the exe in, it installs the plug just fine but not the content.
Is there a workaround?

Any help appreciated.

GA4 is not designed or supported for Vista. That said, I would suggest contacting your local support. They can provide you with an alternate download for the installer discs. I do not know that these would work any better on Vista, but they would give you the proper files for future installation on a supported OS.

Thanks for this. I talked to the support guys and they gave me an iso image. All worked out perfectly.
Thanks Steinberg.

Glad to hear you are up and running!

Just for other GA4 owners who might be looking at this, the Complete Installer is available for download from