Installing HALion 5 across two drives

Hi All,

I just bought HALion 5 and noticed it requires 17Gb to install. My OS drive is SSD 128Gb and don’t want to install 17Gb for one program if at all possible. I have read that I can move the vst sounds to my Audio HDD then create shortcuts and place these in the original folder on my OS drive. Is this the only workaround? Am concerned that I may have conflicts in the future with updates/upgrades of HALion.

All help appreciated, cheers for reading :smiley:


Due to no response I just installed as per instructions. I now only have 60gb left on my OS ssd. Need to be frugal with my VSTs now!


You can install the contents to different drive. I have it like that. The application is on C drive but the VST sound content is on different drive.

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

How do I let Halion know that the content is on different drive? Is there a way to point in the direction of my other drive?

Ideally you should have done it when installing. Specify the path for application and for the contents. Which can be different.

If you manually moved the content after installing, you can try to locate it when a missing content message pops up.

Not sure if it works and you may get problems with future updates.

Thanks for that. Think I will just leave it for now. Still have 60Gb left on my ssd so no alarm bells just yet!

I use symbolic links/junctions to deal with the system drive running out of space.

Just as an example:

Say there’s a growing folder in the system drive in C:\Users\MyDirectory\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg

I could copy and paste the directory to some other drive. I.E. G:\Users\MyDirectory\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg (or where-ever you want it). Since all of these are linked to my account I don’t really need to worry about permissions in this case, so next I’d temporarily rename the original directory after copying it.
I.E. Steinberg.bak

Next I’d make a filesystem junction pointing to the new location with the Windows Command Shell:
mklink /J “C:\Users\MyDirectory\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg” "G:\Users\MyDirectory\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg "

Now, as far as software is concerned it’s all on drive C.

Test it out…and once you’re sure it’s working you can go back and delete the directory you renamed “Steinberg.bak”.

You might also find directories growing in places like
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg

These can also be relocated if needed, but be careful about preserving all the directory and file permissions if you move these about. In these cases, make the changes with a command line in administrative mode, and consider using something like robocopy or xcopy with the proper flags to preserve all the permissions, time stamps, and so forth. The time stamps and all might not be that important, but you do want to be sure the permissions aren’t messed with, as that could lead to apps and plugins not working with all user accounts on the machine.

I’ve a small SSD as a system drive, and I’ve been able to manage system growth for a few years now using such links. To keep me in check about why/when/how I’ve moved things, I drop a readme text in directories that I’ve done this with.