Installing HSO on external harddrive

Hi guys

I just bought the Halion Symphonic Orchestra but I’m unable to instal it on my external harddrive. It doesn’t give me an option for selecting the install path. It wants to install on my main harddrive (C:) but that one doesn’t have enough space (6GB required) so it just gives me an error message.

That’s odd. I reinstalled my system the other day and HSO is installed to my chosen location. I wonder if it picked it up from the Halionsonic install where I remember HS giving me the option to change it. Perhaps all the HS content has to stay together?

It’s odd indeed. I can only chose the path for the VST Plugin, but not for the main program (the 6GB content). I have Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2 installed on my second partition (D:), but HSO won’t install there, nor on the external harddrive. It defaults to C:. :confused:

Thanks for your reply!