Installing Notation Express on iPad with new Steam Deck

Running Dorico 5, MacOS Sonoma 14.0, newest version of Stream Deck (SD), iPadOS 17.0.3 with SD installed. The latest Notation Express (NE) release works on my SD ML.2 but the instructions for installing NE on the iPad no longer work. Specifically, there is no “copy to iPad” menu item from a right-click on the profile. I see no IOS version of NE to download so I’m stuck. Has anyone else had this problem? If you’ve managed to install NE on your iPad, I’d appreciate some suggestions. Thanks!



I don’t have all the details in front of me but I use Notation Express (including the latest version) on my. iPad and the app you need to load is Elagato Stream Deck Mobile, which is available on the App Store. Once installed, that app will communicate with a computer on the SAME network on which both the Stream Deck app and Dorico are running and this results in the Stream Deck buttons showing on the iPad screen and generating the appropriate responses on your computer screen when pushed. When you open the iPad app, you will be asked to choose which device you want it to communicate with which will be the computer on which you are using Dorico. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Also, there are installation instructions on the Notation Central website but you have probably already looked at those. If you were using the earlier version of NE for Dorico 4 (or presumably, earlier), there are instructions on deleting the earlier template for Dorico.

Thanks! Now knowing from you that it should just “happen” I looked around and discovered 1) that it had already happened, but 2) that my HW stream deck (MK.2) was plugged in and I was looking at the wrong screen setup. Pretty much a “doh” moment.