Installing on another computer?

Ok so I got the Tascam US-144mkII and it came with Cubase LE5.
I thought it would work on my laptop but it didn’t
I already installed Cubase and when I decided I no longer wanted the interface I uninstalled Cubase.
Basically I the place I bought it from is gonna make me pay for return shipping and I don’t want to pay or wait for my refund so I’m gonna sell it on craigslist.

My question is, will the person I sell it to have any problems installing or registering Cubase LE5?
If they install it will they be able to see my information? (Name, email etc.)
Is there any way I can clear the registration info and delete my steinberg account so it can be installed on the buyers computer?


How do I clear the info

Send an e-mail to info @ steinberg . de explaining the situation.

If your Cubase LE 5 is already registered, the buyer needs to know the activation code of the most recent activation of the software, which can be found in your mySteinberg account. Otherwise he won´t be able to re-activate the software. After you noted the code , you can delete the registration yourself (also in mySteinberg). That´s enough for the buyer to be able to install and register the software on his computer.
To delete your account, as mashedmitten said contact steinberg.

LE5 generates a new activation code on new install. :wink:

It creates a new soft e-licenser number - which is only one part you need for a re-activation. The second part you need is the last activation code. Without that you won´t get a new activation code.

Ah yes, been so long I plumb forgot. :laughing: