Installing Padshop 2.2 error?

anyone know what this means or how to get around it? Even what the ‘target folder’ path is that it refers to would be good.
Thanks in advance.
padshop 2 failure
padshop 2 failure error


The target folder is selected in your Steinberg Download Assistant application.

Please make sure, you have permissions to read and write form/to the folder (and all sub-folders).

HI Martin,
Thank you for the quick response.
I am pretty sure that I have permission as I am the ‘administrator’ for this machine and, I have never had such an issue prior to this. However I have to admit am not sure how I would check?

Also - Padshop 2.2 seems to be working fine still with MPE Padshop showing 25 patches, Padshop showing 115 and padshop factory content showing 456 patches.

Is there anything that I am missing by this upgrade or could it be an anomaly of SDA? Maybe I don’t need to investigate further?

Thanks again for your time.


Right-click the folder and check the Properties, please. The permission is worn there.

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so… it seems it was just a glitch - re downloaded and installed everything and it all seems to be as it should be!

Ah computers - don’t you just love 'em!

Here’s to AI sorting everything out for us :crazy_face: :scream: