Installing problems on MacBook Pro

Hello guys,
this spring I bought the new MacBook Pro and now want to install Cubase LE 4 on it. Cubase came with an audiointerface I bought 1,5 years ago. The CD contains installers for Windows and Mac OSX. But the setup discontinues at the last step. The console shows this at last step in the install.log:

Aug 1 14:24:41 noname installd[734]: ./postflight: 15 ???
0x00000001 0x0 + 1
Aug 1 14:24:41 noname installd[734]: ./postflight: )

The installer now stops working, nothing happens. I have to exit the setup via Force Quit.
Any ideas? The Steinberg Email Support didn’t react.

Maybe you simply provided too much info on your used system. So check your OS, then check the sytem requirements for LE 4 and see, if your OS is at all supported for LE 4.