Installing sample libraries

I have my OS and Cubase on my C: Drive (Corsair MP600 M.2 1TB). My Cubase projects including my Documents folder are on a separate internal SSD (Crucial MX500 1TB).

I am considering purchasing another MP600 M.2 (2TB version) and using it to install various sample libraries I intend to purchase. My question is where do the samples reside once in use by a Project? Would they remain on the 2nd M.2 and the Project folder only points to those files or are they actually copied to the SSD and accessed from there as copies for use in the Project?

If you are talking about sample libraries loaded by HALion, Kontakt or similar plugins, then you can install them on any SSD without affecting the projects.
If, on the other hand, you are dealing with individual samples that are managed directly by Cubase (e.g. on an audio track), you will be asked during import whether the samples should be copied to the project folder

As @P.A.T points out you can install the Libraries wherever you like. But most sample based VSTi’s do not copy their samples into the Project - instead pointing to the Library location.

For example, I recently migrated to a new PC which resulted in some Kontakt Libraries moving from the T: drive to the S: drive. Now when I first open an older Project that used those Libraries it can’t find the samples and prompts me to relocate them. Once that happens and the Project is saved it’s back to normal.

Thank you. My main concern was getting the samples onto a faster more efficient drive thus ensuring faster load times and you have helped answer my question.